Who we are


Background Information
ALC LAW CONSULT, formerly known as Akuffo & Company, is a private law firm, which is incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana with limited liability.

A distinguished Ghanaian lawyer with considerable experience working for an oil marketing Company (Mobil Oil Ghana Limited), who has since been appointed a justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana, established the firm in 1992. The registration number of the company with the Registrar General's Department is 47,326. The name of the company was later changed to Apex Lawconsult. The company's VAT registration number is 914V000076.

Mission Statement
ALC LAW CONSULT was established to provide quality legal services to corporate clientele and individuals, in a congenial atmosphere.

Our Goals
In the performance of our services, our primary goal is to give our clients the highest quality, most accurate and comprehensive service in the shortest possible time. To aid in achieving this goal, our firm uses modern facilities and equipment in the provision of legal services.

Our Objectives
Our Objectives are to:
▪ Pursue justice for our clients by using appropriate legal mechanisms.
▪ Provide detailed analysis of legal matters for clients.
▪ Ensure due compliance with existing laws and policies by clients.